Dior Tribales: Savoir Faire


I’ve always believed that the value of something is always pegged to how much you think it is worth. You can put it down to its design, or how desirable said item is, but at the end of the day, if you don’t think it’s worth it, you won’t part with a single cent, no matter the cost.

Part of that decision process should also involve knowing how something is made, which brings us to the subject of today’s post. Truth be told, I’ve always loved the Tribal earrings from Dior, little baubles of joy that when worn correctly, shows off the earlobe ever so beautifully, especially with the bigger ball peeking out from behind.

And while the cheap knock-offs are a dime a dozen these days, nothing beats something you know has been probably made in an atelier, with qualified craftsmen going through the laborious yet intricate processes from start to finish day after day just so you can have something beautiful to behold.


Frankly, no one beats Dior when it comes to showcasing their savoir faire in short videos we have all enjoyed, including this one I posted last year showing the making of the Diorama. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy Dior’s new video that shows you how the Tribal earrings are made from start to end. Yes, it’s just costume jewellery at the end of the day, but watching the video will perhaps help you appreciate the amount of work that goes into each pair before they are boxed and sent to the boutiques.

Priced from SGD540 and up, the selection I put together above are from both the Cruise and Spring-Summer collections that are also now available in Dior stores in Singapore. And click here to watch the full video. #DiorTribales #DiorSavoirFaire

Images: Dior

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  • Evelyn Ng says:

    It’s worth the money, the craftsmanship and uniqueness. That’s why I own 6 pairs of them!

  • Adelene Lim says:

    Beautiful writing as always. Reading this has made me feel guilty that I ever shelled out money for those dime-a-dozen knock-offs that drop off and are simply cheap to look at. *Gasps in horror

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