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This, my friends, is Dior’s bag-of-the-season, a new style that’s known as the Diorever. Why it’s called Diorever will forever remain a mystery to me (though for some reason everything that Dior makes comes with the word in it, from the bags UltraDior and Lady Dior, to the Dior Fusion, their sneakers, and even the Dior So Real, the sunnies).


Now that is out of the way, let’s address the other elephant in the room. The Diorever is the French luxury house’s answer to the structured work tote with a pair of short top handles, and as much as you would like to think otherwise, it looks nothing like the Birkin (please, let’s give Raf a little more credit than that).


Yes, the shape is the same, you can even argue that the handles are the same height, but that’s about it really. For one thing, a million other bags sport these exact two features, but Raf (and/or his design team) has taken it one step further, what with the way it is styled, the way the bag can be used, and even its fine details are nothing you’ll find on the former.


Available in 3 sizes for Spring-Summer 2016 (there’s the Mini, the regular and the Large), each Diorever can be worn 2 ways, handheld via its top handles or across the body (or over the shoulder) by way of its detachable leather sling. Then there’s that front flap, which allows you to keep the bag ‘covered’ when you flip it to the front, or ‘open’ when it is flipped backwards. And when it is reversed, there are actually magnets embedded within the flap (and the back of the bag) that ‘snap’ together ever so nicely that results in that ‘open’ look.

The most adorable of the trio is of course the Mini that measures 21 cm by 17 cm by 17 cm, which is also my favourite (yes, I’m still obsessed with small bags). On the inside, you’ll find a general compartment, various patch pockets within said compartment, as well as a slot pocket that runs the width of the bag, which also counts as a second compartment really.

Besides grained bull calf leather (which is the hardiest IMHO), it comes in smooth calfskin, suede, metallic crinkled lambskin (those are the shiny runway ones) and of course, exotics like crocodile.

Size wise, it goes up to 30 cm by 23 cm for the regular, and 34 cm by 26 cm for the ones in Large. How are the prices in Singapore, you ask? Well, it starts from SGD4500 for the Mini all the way to SGD6000 for the Large, which is also half the price (if not more) than the other bag we were talking about earlier. But who’s comparing, right? Better yet, have a look yourself, the Diorever is already available in Dior stores at ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands and Ngee Ann City.

Update: 13 March 2016


Here are two more images from Dior’s S/S16 campaign featuring actress Jennifer Lawrence with the Diorever, and from the looks for it, there are the ones in Large, one in metallic silver lambskin, the other in a metallic lambskin hue called Brandy. Enjoy.

Images: Bagaholicboy & Dior

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  • Willyne EJR says:

    I’m facing the strap coming off the hook pretty often as and when I try to use the shoulder strap and it’s quite embarrassing. Anybody faces the same problem? It didn’t matter the direction of the clasps, both direction gave way still.

  • Bagaholicboy says:

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving feedback! Much appreciated Georgina!

  • Georgina says:

    I love Diorever bags. The fact that they can be ‘altered’ into different ways to wear and different shapes is fab and unique. The long strap is a must too. Every lady needs to free her hands sometimes! I have bought 3 of these since December 2016! The price point is also at an acceptable level – let’s hope it stays that way! Lovely bags. Dior – please don’t mess with or discountinue them!

  • erick says:

    price??? shipping to italy???

  • Dave says:

    It’s a great bag!!! Useful and stunning. Wonderful!!!

  • Lee Teen Yen says:

    I would like to see a picture of the bag with the flap in place in front.

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