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Q: I’m leaving for Japan on a 10-day trip that involves a lot of train travel and walking about. If possible I would like to use a handsfree bag (crossbody/backpack) for ease of use. I tried fitting everything into my medium PS1 but it is a tight fit. Usually while travelling, I don’t use open bags so my St Louis PM from Goyard is out of the equation.

The other bags I have are a Nano Sac Du Jour from Saint Laurent, a First from Balenciaga, a small Classic Flap, a mini backpack from Mansur Gavriel and a Luggage Mini.

Since the other bags are too small, I have only two options: which is to use the PS1 although it looks like it is too tight, or the Luggage Mini which is technically not hands free but does the job of fitting everything. What would you advise?
Lydia Koh

A: First up, let me just say that you have an excellent collection of bags; you have pretty much ticked the checklist as far as my all-time favourite bags are concerned.

Now, for the sad truth. None of them, and I mean, none of them will do you any good during your 10-day trip through Japan, especially with all the walking planned. Here’s why. Whenever I’m overseas, I want a bag that besides being handsfree, is roomy enough for random purchases because that will always happen. Then there is the thing about being carefree and spontaneous during your holiday, which also means not worrying about your expensive designer bags getting stained/stolen/squashed, which might or might not happen, but it sure won’t help if you are concerned about that in the first place.

What would I recommend? My first thought, Longchamp’s Le Pliage Néo, which comes in virtually indestructible lightweight nylon in a variety of delicious colours every season. Besides the fact that it also comes with an additional shoulder sling, it’s also rather inexpensive, the smallest of the lot retailing for only SGD250.

Available in at 3 sizes (Small, 25 cm by 23 cm, SGD250, Medium, 32 cm by 28 cm, SGD270Large, 40 cm by 31 cm, SGD290), the smallest one will still be bigger (and roomier) than your Luggage Mini (check out Longchamp boutiques at ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands or Paragon), or go one size up and get the Medium which you can then store your Luggage Mini in, if in case you really need to bring a ‘dressier’ bag while you’re out and about.

And if you’re looking for something in leather, they also have the same design but in smooth calfskin under the Le Pliage Cuir line. Win-win.

Image: JSK for Longchamp

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  • Arcee Miranda says:

    Hello! Been stalking your site since and just wondering if you know how many colours are there in LC Le Pliage Neo collection? Thanks!

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      There should be 5 different colours at any one time but those colours do change from season to season. Hope that helps.

  • Jun says:

    I recommend LeSportsac! No point bringing expensive bags to airports with the amount of checks you are subjected to and amount of scratches that can occur! Same goes with expensive watches… leave them at home.

    I heard some horror stories at CDG. LeSportsac is light, cheery and roomy! You go holidays to acquire new bags so go forth and procure! I recommend Samsonite and Rimowa for luggages! They are strong enough for abuse from the baggage handlers and keep your newly purchased bags safe!!!

  • DIana lee says:

    Longchamp Le Foulonne backpack is also a good option.

  • NT says:

    I used this bag for 5 months while travelling in Europe. Definitely the perfect bag for travelling.

  • Germaine says:

    Le Pliage Cuir = nearly indestructible too.

  • Wx says:

    I wished their sling are adjustable! That length doesn’t suit petite girls!

  • xenie says:

    I use the Le Pliage A LOT on travels. It is lightweight and I really don’t mind if it gets dirty or wet. Another advantage of the Longchamp Le Pliage, if you find (and purchase) a beautiful, bulky leather bag, you can easily fold up the Le Pliage, throw into your luggage and use your new bag on your flight back home.

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