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In what could be the most underwhelming of new iPhone releases to date from Apple, here’s the new Apple SE that you can start ordering online via Apple from 24 March 2016. Priced at SGD658 and SGD828 for the 16GB and 64GB models respectively, they will come in 4 colours, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Space Grey.

Now that you have most of the information required about the new SE, let’s address the elephant in the room. The new iPhone doesn’t come in a new size or style, it’s basically (and I quote), ‘a cut and paste’ of the iPhone6 into the shell of an existing iPhone5. And that’s it, really.

Perfect for those who want a smaller phone but with all the functions of the iPhone6 (really?), I for one went from an iPhone5 to an iPhone6Plus the moment it was launched, and I doubt my old man eyes can adjust back to a tiny 4″ screen. Yes, it’s just 4″, compared to the 5.5 inches I’m enjoying on my current phone now. In other words, this is definitely a no for me, but for everyone who says yes, I would just want to know one thing if you can share it with me here. Why?

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  • Cindy says:

    If it is supposedly cheaper, it gives many people a chance to own it. I bought the 5c for my parents as they are more affordable. It allows them to own a decent smart phone, easy to use and didn’t burn too big a hole in my pocket.

  • Timothy Su says:

    Because from from the sales numbers, there’s a significant number of people who still buy smaller phones (5S). This is an update to the 4 inch phone they make, that’s all. It’s great.

  • HEH. Cause I have some nano/tiny bags that can’t fit phones any bigger! Serious.

  • Klao Waldorf says:

    R.I.P iPhone!!!

    Disappointed really. Or maybe the Apple is trying to target the people who are just starting to use the smart phone and doesn’t like much new technology and a new wow feeling to the new phone.

    I’m now skeptical of the coming new iPhone7 is going to be boring as this one.

  • Gina says:

    IMHO once you go big you cannot go small whether or not if you have old man’s eyes. I don’t get this iPhone SE too.

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