Olympia Le-Tan Hello Kitty Appliqué Cotton-Canvas Clutch


Regarded to be works of art in their own right, Olympia Le-Tan clutches are also highly collectible, partly as each piece is regarded as an artisanal masterpiece, with limited production runs adding to that wow factor. Almost child-like with a nod to a style more commonly seen in scrapbooking, each made-in-Italy clutch is also individually numbered, with collaborations past and present including the likes of Damien Hirst, Star Wars, Wes Anderson and now, but of course, Hello Kitty.

Measuring some 20 cm by 14.5 cm with a depth of 3.5 cm, each gold-tone frame clutch is wrapped with cotton-canvas, and in the case of this Hello Kitty one that’s limited to just 135 pieces, the words ‘How are you?’, ‘Say hello to me when you see me!’ and of course, ‘Look at my ribbon!’, with a pair of kitties apparently having a conversation with each other.

Very Japanese, very lost in translation and very adorable, if you ask me. The other catch? You’ll have to decide if this kawaii clutch that’s now available via Net-A-Porter is worth GBP1080, or around SGD2115 after conversion.

Image: Net-A-Porter


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