Hermès Enamel Hinged Bracelets


Not content with teasing with the huge array of lust worthy bracelets (or in this Instagram age, #wristcandy), Hermès has had these for a short while now, but something I only really noticed recently. The lovechild of the Clic-Clac H and printed enamel bracelets, these enamel hinged bracelets are not only easier to put on as compared to the former, they also come in a huge variety of colours, finishes and prints, which means both the boys and the girls will have something to get excited over.

Available in 4 sizes (Narrow, Wide, Extra Wide are shown above, I don’t have a pic for Mega yet), prices are GBP400, GBP440 and GBP560 for the first 3 sizes, which puts them in about the same price range as the Clic-Clac H ones, which ain’t too bad at all. As far as fitting the wrist is concerned, they come in S and M, though I hear Singapore only stocks the ones in the smaller S size.


The only hard part? Finding a store with an almost complete collection for you to choose from since I’ve hardly ever seen one or two or three at most at any one shop. In other words, the harder they make it for me to find one I like, the more I want to. Which is in some perverse way how Hermès works, isn’t it?

Images: Hermès

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