Delvaux Limited Edition Dark Night Tempête


I know how it sounds: very Batman meets Transformers’ Dark of the Moon, but there’s a good reason why Belgian luxury house Delvaux’s new limited edition Tempête is called Dark Night. A first for the brand more accustomed to using fine leathers and precious exotics, this particular bag is completely made out of high-tech composites, or in layman speak, PVC, nylon and TPU, which is a hybrid mix of plastics and silicone.

In other words, this is also most suitable for those who prefer their bags (luxury or otherwise) to be leather-free. It will also be a hardy bag, with the main body made out of PVC. Although slightly transparent, its dark blue body will hide most of your embarrassing bits and bobs, with the trim and the handle made out of TPU, that special blend that’s more commonly used in the manufacture of high-performance sports equipment.


Rounding it off is the two-tone blue/black nylon sling that gives it that sporty edge. It’s also a bag you can easily dress up or down with; be casual and it will work fine for the beach or while you cafe-hop, or go all dressy and pair your look with this bag for an unexpected finish.

Now for the good news, and the bad news. The good news? This particular Tempête will only retail for SGD1700, which I checked twice to make sure an additional zero wasn’t left out by mistake. The bad news? This special edition piece will only make her debut on 15 February 2016 at Delvaux’s boutique in Scotts Square in limited quantities, so make sure you make a booking for one now before they are all sold out.

Images: Delvaux

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