Chanel: Chapter 14; The Vocabulary Of Fashion


In an ongoing series of short animated films to give those outside the rarefied world of Chanel a better of understanding of what the French luxury house does today and how that’s related to Coco Chanel and its history in general, Inside Chanel is also one of the few things I look forward to online whenever a new chapter is launched.

And with the launch of Chapter 14 (which also happens to be my favourite so far, by the way), I felt the urgent sense to do up this blog post for the benefit of everyone reading this website. Why? Because this chapter that’s titled The Vocabulary of Fashion will become your best guide as far as knowing all the iconic essentials that make Chanel what it is today, from detailed explanations of how the 2.55 bag came about to Coco Chanel’s reworking of a nun’s habit into the little black dress she made popular and even trivia like why the front of their two-tone shoe is black.


Yes, all that and more is beautifully explained (and illustrated) in this short 3 and a half minute animated video that no hardcore fan (or someone that’s new to the world of Chanel) should miss out on. Now excuse me while I go re-watch it again. And again. And again.

Image & Video: Chanel

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