Céline S/S16 Pillow Collection


What looks like a pillow, feels like a pillow, is also called the pillow, but is actually a bag? Well, Philo’s Pillow, of course, from Céline’s S/S16 collection. Having seen it for myself when I was in Hong Kong last for their press presentation, it’s amazing how squishy-soft and super-lightweight it was, and the moment I picked it up it went straight into my arms and I hugged it like any mother would her firstborn child.


What’s even more amazing than the fact that it’s squishy-soft and super-lightweight? It’s the fact that while you would you expect it to be made out of nylon, it isn’t. It’s actually the supplest of lambskins both inside and out that’s filled with a special foam between both layers of leather to achieve that fluffy, almost cloud-like look.


Available in 3 styles, they include the Pillow Cartable (shown above, comes with a top handle in 2 sizes), the Pillow Flap (think messenger with a front flap) and the Pillow Bucket, a bulbous drawstring bag with a long sling. All fluffy and soft, they are the perfect long-haul flight bag, the perfect surface to lay your head on for your quick 15 minute lunchtime nap or if you just need a pick-me-up-because-you-want-something-to-hug kind of bag.

My favourite? The Pillow Cartable, of course, though the more practical amongst you might favour the other two styles since they come with slings you can wear over the shoulder. But don’t take my word for it; just head down to Céline boutiques and try them out for yourself, with prices ranging from SGD3600 to SGD4950 a bag.

Images: Céline

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