Bulgari B.zero1 ‘Perfect Mistake’ Collection


All throughout time, perfect mistakes have resulted in the most surprising of results, from an 11-year-old boy’s soda left out in the cold and becoming the popsicle we know today, to Thomas Adams’ accidental turn and discovering gum was enjoyable to chew whilst trying to make rubber for tyres.


Today, we have Bulgari’s iconic B.zero1 ‘Perfect Mistake’ collection, a new take on an old favourite given the unexpected combination of 3 golds, pink, yellow and white, which on paper would surely sound like a bad idea, right? Well, no. Not in the case of this B.zero1, the end result a beauty that most will ache for, the richness of yellow gold juxtaposed against the playfulness of pink gold, and nicely rounded off with the modernity of white gold.


Available in ring and pendant combinations, you can now check them out at Bulgari boutiques in Singapore where they are priced at SGD2940 and SGD4010 respectively. Perfect for Valentine’s, or as another option to your wedding band, do note that besides the 3-gold combo, you’ll also find two gold options in pink and white gold (see above, on the left, the 3-gold pendant with chain, on the right, the two-gold pendant) in both variations as well.

A perfect mistake? I’m just going to call it perfect.

Images: Bulgari

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