Athletic Propulsion Labs Techloom Pro Sneaker Collection


It always starts this way. You want something new to wear on your feet, a high-performance shoe that’s not only functional, but has to look pretty good as well. And preferably something that’s not from the Big 4 because you don’t want the same thing as everyone else.

So what does one do in situations like these? Well, you check out Athletic Propulsion Labs (or APL for short), a new-to-Singapore sports shoe label that’s also exclusive to Pedder on Scotts at Scotts Square. Founded by identical twins Adam and Ryan Goldston in March 2009, they sought to create sporting products that combined the best of form and function.

Fast-forward to present day, APL holds numerous patents both in the US and internationally, with one, the Concept 1 basketball shoe banned by the NBA (and I quote) for ‘providing an undue competitive advantage.’

Besides basketball shoes, you’ll also find trainers and running shoes at Pedder on Scotts, with the Techloom Pro ones being my favourite because besides being lightweight, they basically wear like a sock for that snug comfortable fit.


Available in a wide variety of colours for both men and women, the S/S16 collection features metallic and pastel variants, all of which are now available at Pedder on Scotts for you to check out. Priced at SGD280 a pair, they aren’t that expensive either, especially if you’re looking for an everyday sneaker that will not only look good but perform remarkably as well.

Images: APL

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