Maison Margiela Foldover Distressed Leather Tote


It’s true what they say, that sometimes it’s even harder to shop for a man than for a woman, given all their weird, unexplainable quirks. If it’s not too big, it’s too small. If it’s not because there aren’t enough pockets, then it is because there are too few. Sling’s too long, bag hangs too low. Or worse, it’s too short and it wears like a handbag, which is even worse. Yes, I’ve read all the emails that come in from you frustrated ladies when tackling that topic of buying bags for your menfolk, and yes, they are indeed a fussy bunch as much as they won’t admit it.

So what does one do when faced with such a man? You could give up, or show them the Maison Margiela’s Foldover Distressed Leather Tote. Looking like something that a man’s man would carry (yes, it’s too man even for me), there’s something very butch (ok, maybe not the right word to use here) about the thick distressed leather, with its simple, straightforward design and of course, the fact that your man can use it for work or play.

Measuring some 45 cm by 32 cm, it’s one bag he can hand carry to work like a briefcase, the foldover flap hiding the main zip compartment where everything goes inside to be kept secure. And on days when it’s play-related, he could easily sling it over the shoulder for a day out most anywhere, from shopping with you in town (yay) to shopping with his buddies at computer fairs (nay).

Priced at GBP1065 (honestly, SGD2227 or so after conversion isn’t that much to pay for a sturdy workhorse that’s also from a designer label), you can get it now for him online via Mr Porter.

Image: Mr Porter

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