Wood’d Basic Wooden Charger Collection


No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, those are indeed portable chargers made out of wood you’re looking at. And they aren’t just simple wooden blocks either; each 4000 mAh capacity (and that means you’ll get at least 2 full charges) charger also comes beautifully decorated, from the leafy Tropical to floral-filled Provence.

Priced at EUR69 each, Wood’d (which is based in Italy, by the way) will ship them worldwide, just checkout to find out how much it will actually cost. Perfect for Christmas especially if you’re on a budget, they aren’t just pretty, they come with a one year warranty as well, which is always a good thing.


But if 4000 mAh power banks aren’t your thing because you need one that can keep Orchard Road alight overnight, why not check out their equally desirable snap-on cases made out of, you guessed it, wood. Available for the iPhone4 (seriously?) through iPhone6s (no, nothing for anything bigger sadly) and the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 (also something called the Galaxy S6 Edge?), they are priced between EUR26.90 and EUR79.90, depending on the complexity of its design which might include some with actual pieces of inlaid bronze incorporated into its design.

From simple wood grained ones to those with florals and even some that are absolutely abstract, you can be assured of finding something unique for those on your X’mas shopping list come December. And if anyone is thinking of getting something for me, please, you’re too kind but I’ll take the California wooden charger, thanks.

Images: Wood’d

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