Gucci Cruise 2016 1947 Bamboo Classic


I know it reads like a mouthful, but the only two words you really need to know about Gucci’s new Bamboo bag are Bamboo Classic. In Alessandro Michele’s hands, the Bamboo reverts to its original form, or you could say the first version that was launched at the Italian luxury house back in 1947.

So how is Michele’s Bamboo Classic different from Giannini’s New Bamboo? Well, at first glance not much really, it pretty much looks the same, no? Well, that’s true until you place both bags side by side, and then it becomes really apparent. While Giannini added on many new features to give it her own stamp, Michele has taken a lot out of his version. Gone are the tassels. The hardware linking bamboo handle is shaped the same way the original one was. But that’s not all. While Giannini added gussets to make her bag wider, Michele has returned it to its slimmer, more compact self, along with the removal of the raised leather borders that Frida added on.

In other words, it’s cleaner, less fussy and more compact as far as the make and shape is concerned. But because that wouldn’t be necessarily Michele’s aesthetic of more is more now, the Bamboo Classic for Cruise 2016 comes covered in Gucci’s now-signature Blooms print, which like it or not has the tendency to grow on you after a while.


Available in 4 colours including the Blush, Cerise (red) and Emerald Green you see above (I’m still checking on what the 4th hue is), they will only come in one size for now (Small) and that measures some 27 cm across by 18 cm. Sporting cotton linen interiors, it has a trio of pockets on the inside and a mirror in a leather case. But if you’re keen on checking them out for yourself in person, do note they will hit Singapore sometime in early November and be priced at SGD3100 each.

Images: Gucci

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