Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti: The Big & The Bold

Tactile. Organic. Sculptural. While these 3 words can describe any of Elsa Peretti’s pieces for Tiffany & Co. (you can read about her creations like the Bean, the Teardrop and the Starfish here), they are perhaps most fitting to describe her larger pieces, each still inspired by nature that continues to fuel her curiosity and creativity till this day.

Take the Bone, for example. Now part of the British Museum’s permanent collection, it was a human bone she spirited away from an ossuary within a 17th century church that inspired the design for this collection. Sensuous with all its curves, the cuffs have become a firm favourite within the House, with variations in sterling silver, charcoal-coloured in ruthenium, 18K rose or yellow gold and my personal favourite, the black Bone cuff which is basically black carbon-coated copper.

A world traveller who has been to the most exotic of locales on earth, Elsa Peretti also draws inspiration from the places she visits. Take the Mesh, which she created after a jaunt to Jaipur, India. Intricately woven in gold or silver in a ‘fabric’, it would ‘flow like water and drape like silk’. Beautifully tactile yet incredibly light, it’s a piece that moves with the body and one that would also be eternally modern.

Nature inspired her. Travels inspired her. People inspired her. British sculptor Henry Moore, whose use of voids within his modern works inspired her Open Heart pendant, with its clean and simple lines allowing it to hang beautifully and move gracefully along with its wearer. An enchanting favourite till this day, the Open Heart collection now consists of pendants in all precious metals, bracelets, earrings and even lifestyle essentials like a sterling silver baby cup.

Each more beautiful than the last, Elsa Peretti’s creations will continue to amaze and astound, with every piece something you will be able to hold, feel and of course, cherish for a long time to come. Which brings to mind lyrics from one Ellie Goulding hit song, ‘Touch me like you do, touch me like you do. What are you waiting for?’

Images: Josh Haskin, Tiffany & Co.

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