Dior F/W15 Dune

Not to be confused with Dune, the fragrance from French luxury house Dior that we are all familiar with, is the new addition to its bag repertoire for F/W15, the Dior Dune. And while one’s a scent and the other a bag, there are some similarities, from their softly curved edges to their voluptuous builds. And while the fragrance smells of amber-scented blooms basking by the Granville seashore, all you’ll be getting from Dune the bag will be that heady scent of freshly-tanned leather, which is so sexy in itself, but I digress.

Available in at least 2 sizes for now (23 cm by 16 cm and 29 cm by 19.5 cm), the Dune is in essence a very feminine lady-like sling (and it’s a really long sling too) bag that’s also a tad proper, complete with a leather-bound top handle that’s easy to the touch. Flipping the front flap opens the bag, revealing an interior featuring structured, protruding sides that might hinder the fast removal of its contents if need be.

But that might be the whole point of it (I love how I paint these scenarios in my head), one that is in keeping with Raf Simons’ vision of Dior in a world where women lounge around without a care and take their time in everything they do, from sitting the Dune on their lap and opening the flap ever so carefully to remove a lipstick whilst having tea with girlfriends at the bistro.

Besides exotics in alligator and python, the Dune also comes in grained calfskin, with prices starting from SGD5200. Because if you can afford to sit around a bistro all day with your girlfriends, you can afford this.

Images: Dior

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