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prada_fw15-inside3 In a recent article published on WSJ, it seems that as far as F/W15 is concerned, Prada is hedging all their bets on this one bag that will hopefully turn the flailing Italian luxury house’s fortunes around, what with (and I quote) ‘its slouching leather goods sales’ being the norm these days.

The article goes on to say how Prada intended to make it an It bag, from ensuring the bag is also functional besides being a looker, keeping its price point low (and by low they mean USD2500 for a small one in calfskin), producing it in as many colours/variations as possible and of course, hoping that it will ‘appear’ on the arm of a celebrity one day soon, because that (and I quote) ‘is one of the reasons an It bag becomes an It bag’.

And while I’ll usually chime in with my own 5 cents’ worth and tell you why Prada’s Inside could be the bag for you come August/September, the article ends off with a quote from Prada’s head of marketing and commercial development that goes, ‘We are not obsessed by bloggers, noting that the company feels blogs are no longer as influential as they once were.’

prada_fw15-inside2 In other words, I’ll just keep my mouth shut and let you decide. Presenting Prada’s Inside, is it in, or out, as far as you’re concerned?

Image: Prada

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