Fendi F/W15 2Jours

fendi_fw15-petite-2jours1 Fendi’s 2Jours isn’t exactly a new bag, but it’s a bag worth revisiting given its versatility and enduring style. A play on the French adverb ‘toujours‘ which means always, the 2Jours can easily be your everyday and ‘always’ bag, checking off most (if not all) of the points on the checklist regarding form and functionality.

fendi_fw15-petite-2jours2 First, the form. Structured, smart and easy on the eyes, the 2Jours (which comes in 2 sizes, Petite and Regular) is an easy contender for a bag for either work or play. Pick one in a solid hue for work, for example, which can be most any colour it comes in from Burgundy to Neon Blue or classic Black. For play you can pick a 2Jours in any of the bright pastels (say Peach, or even something more exotic like python in Yellow). There’s also the new Monster Calf 2Jours (shown above) that will look even better with bag charms piled on.

fendi_fw15-regular-2jours-black And then there’s the function. Depending on the size you pick (Petite 2Jours measures some 26 cm by 21 cm, while the Regular 2Jours comes in at 35 cm by 28 cm), one can be regarded as a bag for ‘play’ (with an optional shoulder sling thrown in for good measure) while the other is quite literally the workhorse which you can tote over the shoulder for work.

Priced from SGD2890 and up, the 2Jours isn’t a bag that would break your bank either, making perfect sense since the less expensive a bag, the more you’ll use it ‘always’, right?

Images: Fendi

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