Prada F/W15 Tartan & Saffiano Collection

prada_fw15-tartan-saffiano-collection If tartan is your thing, you would be wise to check out Prada’s F/W15 new tartan and Saffiano leather collection which has this classic print presented across a wide array of bag styles. From shoulder slings to small duffles that come with stiff top handles that’s very Prada, everything is trimmed with the tartan-printed Saffiano leather. And if I’m not wrong, the body of the bag is basically nylon, one of Prada’s key materials which they have used for the longest time before anyone else. The good thing about nylon? Besides being lightweight it also guarantees longevity of use, a quality of the hardwearing fabric that’s also easy to clean.

Besides the styles I mentioned earlier (and I’m pretty sure there will be matching SLGs as well), there are also two briefcases which are shown above. Differentiated by size (one’s more a handbag measuring 20 cm across that also comes with a sling, the other is a workhorse at 33 cm wide), both are suitable for the boardroom, especially if you work in an environment that’s no-nonsense and all corporate.

Priced at SGD2820 and SGD3490 respectively for the two sizes, you’ll find the larger one now via Prada ION Orchard while the smaller one will be available come mid-July 2015.

Image: Prada

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