Chanel Paris-Salzburg Métiers d’Art 2015 Collection

chanel_paris-salzburg-metiers-d-art-2015-bag-collection1 Simply put, Métiers d’Art is the one collection that Chanel rolls out once a year that’s full of bells and whistles, the one collection that’s over-the-top OTT, chock full of contributions from Chanel’s specialty houses that includes everyone from Lesage to Montex to Desrues amongst many others, all specialised in painstaking crafts from intricate featherwork to elaborate embroidery.

Presented in a different locale each year which naturally becomes the theme of the collection (remember collections of yesteryear that included such cities as Bombay, Edinburgh and Shanghai?), this year’s collection was presented in Salzburg, Austria, home of beer, pretzels and Heidi.

Correspondingly you’ll be seeing lots of pieces inspired by the hills (not Silent Hill, but more The Sound Of Music‘s The Hills Are Alive), with bags for example presented in everything from shearling to long goat hair with traditional Austrian folk touches, from the beautifully-detailed stitch work to floral patches and then some.

Take the Boy bags (shown above) for example. Each more unusual than the next, there’s the calfskin Boy Chanel in green and red trim that comes with a top handle (SGD8160) and a stunning red goat hair Boy Chanel that’s finished with gold hardware (SGD5350). Love shearling? Than you’ll love the large Chanel Boy shopper that’s mainly swathed in shearling and lined with calfskin leather (SGD8000).

chanel_paris-salzburg-metiers-d-art-2015-bag-collection2 Moving along we’ve got more pieces from the collection, and if you’re already channelling Maria and the von Trapp family you’ll realise how familiar the bags and SLGs above feel. From the tweed and wool zip case (SGD1140) to the small Flap Bag in black fabric (and oversized shoulder strap that’s quite military, SGD4570), my personal favourites from the selection above are the slightly bulbous bags that come in felt with matching, slightly pearlised quilted calfskin flaps, in yellow, pink and grey (SGD4100).

And just to emphasise Salzburg’s influence on the Flap Bag, the trio all come embellished with a tiny edelweiss as well. Edelweiss, edelweiss…

Update: 25 June 2015
chanel_paris-salzburg-metiers-d-art-2015-bag-collection3 Just so you know, the collection is much, much more than the pieces already featured, here are 1832, I mean, 8 more. Along the top, a trio of bags (Flap Bag) in felt and grosgrain (SGD4110), followed by a patent goatskin WOC in gorgeous blue (SGD3290) and a calfskin/shearling backpack (SGD5580) that no vintage lover of anything Chanel should do without. The backpack also comes in full calfskin leather and it’s priced at SGD5210.

As for the last two pieces (the embroidered velvet clutch and the exotic croc 2.55), they are listed as ‘exceptional’, which technically means you’ll have to find out their prices at the boutique when you’re seated in case you faint from extreme shock.

Images: Chanel

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