Dior Baby Pouch & Mini Diorama

dior_baby-pouch-mini-diorama For those of you keen on Dior’s new bag, the Diorama, here are 2 more new additions you should be aware of. Part of its Fall-Winter 2015 collection and making their debut soon are two new sizes, the Baby Pouch Diorama and the Mini Diorama.

Both looking much like the bigger siblings in the Diorama family, there is a slight difference between the two, so let’s just sort that out first. Technically classified as an SLG (small leather goods), the Baby Pouch Diorama is as the name suggests, a tiny pouch that measures a wee 13.5 cm across. Made available with a long 120 cm chain that’s also removable, think of it as a really pretty pouch (well, it is, isn’t it?) with a really long sling. Priced from SGD1500 and up, this is a great option for those who love their slings adorable (check) and small (and check).

Next we’ve got the Mini Diorama which joins the 3 other sizes within the Diorama family of bags (namely Small, Medium and Large). A full-fledged bag that’s just otherwise really, really small (and as opposed to the Baby Pouch Diorama that’s really just a pouch), the hardware on the Mini Diorama is also exactly the same albeit on a frame that measures just 18 cm across.

And as far as prices go, here’s the full list of all 4 sizes based on the regular leather variations. Priced at SGD3600, SGD4200, SGD4600 and SGD5000 for sizes Mini, Small, Medium and Large respectively, you can now view all 4 sizes (and the Baby Pouch Diorama) at Dior boutiques islandwide.

Image: Dior

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