The Row Hunting11

the_row_hunting-bag11 This is a bag that ticks all the boxes any self-proclaimed minimalist will have on her checklist, so if you’re the type who likes your bags as simple as it can possibly get, do read on. One of the few brands that has been doing everything minimal since the brand was established, The Row (established by celebrity-sisters Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen back in 2006), the easiest way to describe the Hunting11 is to imagine it as the lovechild of the Evelyne and the Jypsiere without all the trimmings.

Styled after a traditional saddle bag with slightly bulbous sides, it’s also a shape that’s very pleasing to the eye. Measuring some 11″ (or 28.5 cm) across (which would explain the number 11 at the end of its name), the sand-coloured leather bag comes lined with suede, has beautiful contrast stitching at the edges and of course, the most minimal of gold-tone hardware on its long adjustable sling.

Priced at GBP2670 (ok, maybe I left out the part that this brand’s also pretty expensive to begin with), the Hunting11 also comes in a fringed variation (no, don’t even think about it) and a smaller, more adorable size, the Hunting9, all of which you’ll find online now via Net-A-Porter.

Image: Net-A-Porter

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