Chanel: The Boy

chanel_the-boy-bag1 Truth be told, there isn’t much else to say regarding the Boy, an instant meteoric hit the moment it was launched. And whilst most meteors crash and burn after a sustained duration, that has never happened to the Boy Chanel, transitioning from best newcomer to an established icon in a matter of years. So established, in fact, it’s also one of the 3 icons immortalised in Chanel’s ongoing campaign, with it taking centrestage alongside the 11.12 (formerly known as the Classic Flap) and the Girl, which you could say is the exact opposite of the Boy, but that’s a post for another day.

chanel_the-boy-bag3 So what makes the Boy Chanel so special? Some might say it’s the antithesis of existing bags like the 11.12 or the 2.55 within Chanel, a breath of fresh air if you must. Others love how it looks nothing like a typical girly-girl’s bag, what with its chunky hardware-linked chain to its boxy, almost hardcover book-like body. And then there’s that distinct clasp, the CC logo ‘protected’ in its own medallion-like structure that’s more tomboy than toile, if you know what I mean.

chanel_the-boy-bag2 Available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and materials, you’ll find everything from classic calfskin renditions to special seasonal ones that come clad in exotics, braided with leather, adorned with tweed and even embellished with pearls. The possibilities just go on and on. In other words, if there’s something you like in particular (and have the budget for), Chanel will probably have it.

chanel_the-boy-bag4In almost every colour under the sun too, no less.

Images: Chanel

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