Valextra Marina

valextra_marina The premise behind Valextra’s Marina is a beautiful one. Looking like it was constructed from a single piece of leather with a cut-out on the top that forms the handle, it’s an exercise in simplicity without the need for monograms or gimmicky add-ons that actually works.

Constructed with as few pieces of leather as possible (the only obvious seams are the ones running down the sides), it hides a surprise on the inside. Because it comes without any zipping closure on the top, you can actually loop one handle under the other handle where there’s an extra cut-out in the shape of a V, allowing you to ‘secure’ the bag ever most elegantly and is perhaps an ode to the brand itself, the V of course being the first letter of the Italian’s brand name, Valextra.

Priced at GBP1190 (not bad at all, considering the fact that it is full leather), it packs yet another surprise on the inside. It would have been much easier to make the lining the same colour as the exterior, but this particular Marina comes with contrasting orange cotton lining on the inside that not only adds a pop of much-needed colour but is something to perk you up when the work day gets too dull.

Image: Valextra

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