Hermès RGHW Kelly Double Tour

hermes_rghw-kelly-double-tourIn case you still need convincing that they really do exist, here’s an official image from Hermès featuring their well-loved Kelly Double Tour in Chalk White Swift calfskin that’s adorned with, you guessed it, rose gold-plated hardware (RGHW) that’s both divine and very, very special.

While we’re at it (and because some of you will surely be enquiring about its retail price overseas), here goes. As far the the KDT is concerned, it will retail for GBP395, EUR420 and USD550 in the United Kingdom, Europe and United States respectively. And because the euro is now as low as it could possibly be at the writing of this post, you can get one for as little as SGD620 now in the EU. In other words? Happy shopping. And make it soon.

Image: Hermès

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