Bulgari Pavé Diamonds B.zero1 Collection

bulgari_pave-diamonds-b-zero1-collection1 How do you make something so desirable even more delicious? Why, you add rings of bling, of course! Or in the case of Bulgari’s already iconic B.zero1 collection, a string (or strings) of precious pavé diamonds.

bulgari_pave-diamonds-b-zero-1-collection2 A new addition to the existing collection, you’ll find a variety of B.zero1 lovelies adorned with diamonds, from of course the rings (in black or white ceramic with gold and diamonds) we all know and love, to more delicate pieces like the pendants and the bracelets which have the right mix of bling.

bulgari_pave-diamonds-b-zero-1-collection3 And then there are these, which I suspect might truly cost you an arm and two legs, the ones that come with diamonds on the ‘inside’ of the ring and pendant, with a matching cuff bracelet that’s also covered with so much pavé diamonds I guarantee you’ll even glow in the dark.

No word on their official prices as yet, but it’s a happy problem most easily solved. Just head down to any Bulgari boutique to find out, where you’ll also get to try them on as well.

Images: Bulgari

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