Pierre Hardy Lily Cube Printed Canvas Backpack

pierre_hardy_ss15-lily-cube-printed-canvas-backpack If you like your backpacks bulbous and bright, you’ll adore Pierre Hardy’s latest offering as far as the boys are concerned. Known simply as the Lily Cube Printed Canvas Backpack (because that’s a print of colourful lilies on PH’s iconic cube print), it measures a generous 46 cm by 38 cm that’s trimmed with leather around the edges on the mostly canvas backpack.

Bright, bold and loads of room to boot, this backpack is also your best bet for trips to the beach or light weekend jaunts around the region, where you’ll have no worries losing it on either because this is something you easily spot a mile away. Priced at GBP1185 and available now via oki-ni, the only drawback is also the thing I just mentioned, which converts to almost 2200 Singapore dollars after conversion.

Question is, while I do love it, do I love it that much?

Image: oki-ni

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