Spring-Summer 2015 Womens Prada Ad Campaign





prada_ss15-womens-ad-campaign2 While it used to be the norm where ad campaigns only featured the model in the season’s best RTW pieces emoting whatever mood was set by the creative higher-ups, these days you’ll be seeing more and more of ads where the luxury house’s bag (or bags) of the season competes for attention as well. You’ve seen it in Louis Vuitton’s S/S15 ads, Dior’s doing pretty much the same thing, and Valentino has devoted their pre-season ads to just bags, shoes and accessories.

Which brings us to Prada, the subject of today’s post and their S/S15 ad campaign. Photographed by Steven Meisel with models Ine Neefs, Julia Nobis and Gemma Ward in tow, it’s a slightly voyeuristic look into the different moods of the Prada Woman that encompass the stoic, the psychedelic, and the intimate, with bags in some instances taking up full pages of their own.

And while I might never know why luxury houses are shooting more of such ads these days, something I’ve believed since the inception of this blog still stands, and makes even more sense to me now. That while a woman will spend thousands on a bag she thinks she will use every day, she would be less inclined to do so with RTW that she knows she can’t (or won’t) do the same with.

Images: Prada



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  • Addy says:

    It’s mainly because the margins for accessories is much higher than clothing. And rightly as you mentioned the consumer finds it the most conspicuous piece of consumption, i.e. value for money.

  • JJ says:

    BB, maybe its just me, but I actually dislike how models look in campaigns. It’s a bit unnatural, distracting, and it doesn’t compel me to buy any of it, RTW and bags. Some of Dior’s campaigns on the otherhand, models and bags go hand in hand really well. I work in retail, so it must be nonsensical that I don’t understand fashion ads.

    I prefer just having ads for the products themselves thrown casually to the side or showcased as their own. Is it just me? It might be because I’m a new reader, that I am not sure of your opinion, BB.

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