Hermès Oran

hermes_oranNot a new style, but a new variation on an old favourite. Classified as a ‘sandal’ over at Hermès, the Oran usually comes in tone-on-tone leather, with the H being its most distinctive feature. With the new variation, however, the H is further enhanced with a cut-out of an almost-floral filigree pattern that gives it oodles of charm and makes it perfect for exploring the streets of old Morocco in, or basking in the sun by the beach.

This particular pair, with its natural linen ‘body’ trimmed with leather in both black and white, makes for a pair that’s not only comfortable to wear but one that’s visually graphic and a step-up from all those rubber flip-flops that throng the streets of Orchard Road. Priced at GBP485 (I’m thinking they should come in under around a thousand in SG), it also comes in other materials as well, like this pair submitted by a reader (thanks, Sherry!) that come in dark denim with the filigree in contrasting Tan.

Image: Hermès

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