Case Scenario Marble-Print iPhone6Plus Cover

case_scenario_marble-print-iphone6-plus-cover If you’re a frustrated iPhone6Plus owner still looking for that perfect phone case (like me), this could be it, considering it does check many boxes. Firstly, it sports that marble-print that’s all the rage now, and besides the usual white and black marble variations, there’s also a third one that comes in black with veins of gold. Yes, you read that right, veins of gold, which would surely appeal to the Asian in any of you.

Made of plastic, they promise to snap on easily (that’s the second tick), and are priced at just EUR19.99 each (or around SGD32 after conversion), which is a steal and how it earned its 3rd tick. But the best piece of news has got to be the fact that Case Scenario does ship internationally, so for those living in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, you’re in luck. Just follow the link here and shop away. iPhone6 cases are also available, as are cases in Pantone colours for the iPhone in both sizes.

And now comes the all-important question. Should I get the Black/Gold iPhone6Plus case for myself? Yes? Right?

Image: Case Scenario

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  • eter69nity says:

    I ordered the black marble case for my iPhone6Plus on 4 January but have yet to receive it… contacted their support but no reply also… questionable service quality I must add…

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