Spring-Summer 2015 Mens Givenchy: Bags

givenchy_ss15-mens1 LC Small Briefcase with baby’s breath.

givenchy_ss15-mens2 Baby’s breath on the Rave.

givenchy_ss15-mens3 Oh look, a Givenchy staple, the nylon backpack the comes with, you guessed it, a print of baby’s breath.

givenchy_ss15-mens4 And just to show you that Tisci’s baby’s breath print isn’t just on almost every single bag there is from the Spring-Summer 2015 Mens Givenchy collection, here’s a quick collage of everything else you’ll find the print on. Skates? Check. Clutches, wallets and card cases? Check. Sandals and boots? Check. There’s even baby’s breath on a tie, a belt, scarves and more. In other words,  everything’s coming up roses, erm, I meant baby’s breath.

I know die-hard Tisci-philes will just lap it up anyway, but this is a question for the man on the street. Would you?

Images: Givenchy

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