Hello Kitty: 10 Things I Want (And So Do You)

hello_kitty_10-things-to-want It’s amazing the power this cat has over me. Those of you who have followed me long enough will know how often she appears on the blog, as well as on my other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Maybe it’s because she is just one year, I mean, 5 years older than me. Or maybe there’s something endearing about the fact that she has no mouth, or the fact that she is just 5 apples tall. Not that it matters anyway, this little lady is a cultural icon in her own right, appearing on everything from children’s books to bags, jewellery, snacks and then some. The list just goes on and on.

And with Christmas just around the corner, I’ve assembled a fun list of Hello Kitty collectibles that no self-proclaimed fan should do without. From Poh Heng’s jewellery charms to the limited edition Pez box set, from the Penguin published Hello Kitty’s Bike Ride story book which I use as a mouse pad to Nanoblock brick sets, these are quite possibly some of my favourite things.

Then there’s Zatchel’s Hello Kitty Town Saddle Bag that’s now a steal at just GBP42 online, or Funko’s Hello Kitty figurine which you can purchase via Colette for EUR17. And speaking of Colette, for those of you who missed out on ordering the Hello Kitty + Beats by Dre. collaboration earlier on, you can now order online (via Colette, of course) at EUR250 and EUR150 for the headphones and earbuds respectively.

Really, what’s not to love? And if there’s anything else Hello Kitty that’s worth sharing, do drop a comment and a link below. Pretty please?

Image: Hello Kitty

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