Cartier: Winter Tale 2014

cartier_winter-tale-2014 Hands down the most adorable of festive campaign videos by a luxury house yet, Cartier is back this year for another instalment of Winter Tale, an ongoing series that comes out every end of the year, starring the cutest of baby panthers. Featuring a pair of baby panthers that I’m assuming to be siblings, they frolick and prance amongst the clouds, and in doing so, ‘accidentally’ knock X’mas gifts both wrapped and unwrapped in Cartier’s signature white and red down to earth and into the homes of presumably good boys and girls. Or in the case of Cartier, good men and women.

While the plot is really predictable, nothing will warm your heart (or make your heart lust for something that comes in a red box) more than this video will, especially with playful antics of the little ones.

And when you’re done watching the campaign video on repeat, follow this link and see what the world of Cartier has to offer you this Christmas, from gifts for both him and her, as well as fine watches and jewellery for all. #happyshopping

Image & Video: Cartier

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