Mark’s Tokyo Edge Collection

marks_tokyo_edge_collectionBecause I’ll have been travelling more times than I can recall without looking at all my airline ticket stubs, anything that’s travel-related has been high on my priority list lately, from seeking out the best travel wallets in leather to looking for a set of stylish packable nylon cubes that will help towards my OCD as far as keeping my luggage’s contents looking as neat as possible.

And then there are these which I stumbled upon whilst checking out Lane Crawford’s new arrivals online. From a brand called Mark’s Tokyo Edge, you’ll find everything fun bits and bobs that are related to the world of travel. From vintage-inspired stickers that recall the era of glamorous travel in the 70s to passports that are actually memo pads, you’ll also find magnets, sticky notes and even a document holder that’s designed to look like safety cards you’ll find onboard planes.

Priced from USD5 a pop (actually, most everything fun that I want only costs USD5), you could buy them online and Lane Crawford will ship internationally. Now excuse me while I go figure out how many sticker sets I’ll need to cover all 3 of my Classic Flight trunks from Rimowa.

Image: Lane Crawford

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