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bbm468 The easiest way to describe Pradasphere Hong Kong would simply be this: there is no easy way, because it’s more complex and diverse than that. Encapsulating 30 years of Prada that manifests itself not just in fashion and accessories, but also in architecture, art, culture and film, it’s also a story about Miuccia Prada’s journey thus far with core values present in all her works from beauty to gender, and power and vanity, just to name a few.

Built from scratch on Central Ferry’s Pier 4 which faces the Hong Kong’s dynamic skyline, it’s a fitting ode to Pradasphere, and if you’ve been following me online since Monday, you would already have seen most of the exhibition’s opening highlights, from the luminously beautiful Gong Li who was one of the celebrities invited specially for the event, to Lorde’s surreal performance on opening night.

And even though neither Gong Li nor Lorde will be present at Pradasphere when you make a trip down, here are 10 reasons why you should still head up to Hong Kong and plan to spend at least half a day there before the exhibition ends on 5 December 2014.

#1 Putting together 60 complete looks that span 30 years of Prada in a single space is no mean feat, but the end result is a feast for the senses that must be witnessed in person in order to be fully appreciated.

#2 Presenting like exhibits in a natural history museum, you’ll find distinct sections, from Origins (authentic artefacts that date back to 1913 with the opening of the first Prada store in Milan) to Observation, a screening room dedicated to film projects and short videos created in collaboration with the likes of Roman Polanski and Wes Anderson.

#3 Then there’s Typologies, in the middle of the exhibition that’s made up of 6 freestanding dioramas that each hold more than 10 looks with themes that recur frequently in the universe of Prada, from Animality to Modernism, just to name a few.

#4 And then there’s my favourite section that’s all bags and shoes (yes, I’m biased that way) called Specimens, a delectable smorgasbord of, yes, bags and shoes from past seasons all laid out for you to drool, fawn and obsess over.

#5 If it being free admission isn’t reason enough, then there’s also the opportunity to take in the experience with the aid of guided tours that will help in explaining everything to you in great detail, which is definitely a bonus.

#6 Because an exhibition as momentous as this requires its own tome, you’ll also be able to pick up a copy of Pradasphere, a 317-page hardcover book that details the universe of Prada that’s the perfect keepsake.

#7 But if shopping is more your thing, you’ll find 4 Prada boutiques in Hong Kong (Alexandra House, Canton House, Peninsula and IFC) stocked with exclusive merchandise created specially for the exhibition, with Alexandra House holding all of the exclusives for your shopping pleasure. It’s also pretty walkable, just follow the covered walkways that extend from IFC all the way to Alexandra House.

#8 Besides bags and SLGs in prints specially licensed from Holliday & Brown (click on this link to see some), there are also special MTO services available for everything from ladies shoes to mens knitwear.

#9 Other exclusives made specially for Pradasphere include 6 one-off limited edition Saffiano leather carry-ons featuring prints from Holliday & Brown (see here for imagery) and Saffiano travel leather clutches, available in 4 different colours with 5 distinct ‘logos’, Car, Porter, Ship, Trunk and Van, at Prada Alexandra House and Canton Road.

#10 Edward. Everyone knows Edward the robot keyring, and just for Pradasphere, 100 each were made of Edward and his girlfriend (Edward’s in blue, his companion comes in pink in a special print) that are definitely collector’s items available only at Prada Alexandra House.

Pradasphere is at Central Ferry Pier 4 (connected via covered walkway from IFC) and open every day till 5 December 2014. Opening hours are noon to 7pm from Mondays to Saturdays, and noon to 6pm on Sundays. Visit Prada online for more information, including exhibition imagery and celebrities who graced the opening night. 

Images: Bagaholicboy

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