Moynat + Pharrell Williams Collection

moynat_pharrell_williams_collection1 What do you get when you put one of France’s most loved luxury ateliers and the man who can do no wrong together? You get the Moynat + Pharrell Williams collection, of course. Slated for release next week exclusively at Colette, this collaboration has been a year in the making, starting with Pharrell’s first visit to Moynat’s workshop last October. Fascinated with their collection of antique trunks and an old Moynat label featuring a train, Pharrel and Moynat’s artistic director Ramesh Nair got to work and created this collection that’s made of very distinct pieces, from two differently sized leather zip pouches (Train Pouch PM and MM) in 7 different colour combinations to 4 scarves (shown above).

moynat_pharrell_williams_collection2 Then there are the playful bags (so very Pharrell, no?) that are guaranteed to bring out the kid in all of us, and known simply as the Train Bag and the Train Clutch. The former is actually two different bags featuring the locomotive and the wagon, both made of hand-tooled plexiglas, covered with brass metal parts coated with palladium and buffed to a shiny, happy finish. As for the Train Clutch, it’s a hand-sculpted clutch made of ebony wood, resembling more a carved wooden block from a kid’s wood building block set.

And because words are nothing without accompanying imagery, I’ll be back with more updates including images of most of the pieces from this collaboration, along with their prices in euros. For those who have to get something from this collection no matter what, it will be released at Colette on 13 October, followed by Moynat boutiques in both London and Paris on 20 October. Hang in there and think happy thoughts, I’ll be back.

Update: 8 October 2014
moynat_pharrell_williams_collection3 Here’s your quick look at the Train Bag that’s part of the Moynat + Pharrell Williams collab. Priced at EUR10,000 each (the locomotive and the wagon are sold separately), each plexiglass clutch adorned with brass-plated palladium parts is more collector’s showcase piece than an actual bag.

Now for the Train Pouch, which will come in 7 different colours and 2 sizes, PM and MM. Measuring 23.5 cm by 17.5 cm and 34 cm by 24 cm respectively, they are priced at EUR400 and EUR550, with high prices due to the fact that the train motif is not a print, but pieces of leather in different colours precisely cut out before they are inlaid together, like marquetry. In layman terms, think of how your parquet floor is laid together and you should have a pretty good idea.

And as far as zip pouches go, the ones in the larger size should sell faster because in this case, big is indeed better.

Images: Moynat

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