Hermès Bazar Clutch

hermes_bazar-clutch Those acquainted with the now-discontinued Whitebus will find this clutch, which has the same slightly curved silhouette on the top, familiar. Known as the Hermès Bazar Clutch, the 38 cm by 28 cm Togo leather clutch/pouch is otherwise pretty straightforward, topped simply with a single zip pull that’s finished off with an additional dart of leather.

What’s more special about it is perhaps the fact that it comes in the same shade of orange that Hermès boxes come in, and with it being the quality leather product that it is, paying GBP860 (around SGD1720 after conversion) for it doesn’t seem that unreasonable at all, especially when there hasn’t been such a style (and in such a large size, no less) for some time at the French luxury atelier. In other words, it’s a yes for me.

Image: Hermès

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