Bottega Veneta Snakeskin Rialto

bottega_veneta_snakeskin-rialto I’ve seen enough exotic python and snakeskin bags in my lifetime to say this: this wins hands-down as being the creepiest (and most sinister) snakeskin bag I’ve seen, and perhaps because it was made so well (what with the skins specially dyed to give it that unique finish), I’m almost tempted to prod it with a long stick just to make sure it isn’t actually alive.

Known as the Rialto, which also happens to be one of the newer bag styles at Bottega Veneta, the 30 cm by 20 cm shoulder sling comes with matching gunmetal hardware that just adds more intrigue to its possibly diabolical spit-poison-into-your-eyes nature.

Priced at GBP2943 (that’s around SGD6000, by the way) and now available via MATCHES FASHION, it isn’t something I would recommend any of you unless you love sitting cross-legged playing the flute with a woven basket placed beside you.


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