Valextra Manzoni

valextra_manzoni-black Call it an occupational hazard, but whenever possible I give bags I like nicknames, if only to help me remember them and what made it so special in the first place. Clutches from Alexander McQueen are ‘skulls’ to me, and I like referring to Chanel’s boxy acrylic clutches as ‘bricks’. And then there are those bags I give nicknames like ‘fugly’ and ‘hideous’ but it would be too rude to say what they were here.

Walking into Valextra Paragon today, I fell for another bag, and in doing so, she now has her own nickname as well. Officially known as the Valextra Manzoni, it will now and forever be known to me as the ‘washing machine’, mainly to the fact that the whole front panel of the bag swings open when you tug at the handles, and when it’s open, it kinda looks like a front-loading washing machine.

Measuring 22 cm by 30 cm, it’s a typical Valextra offering that encompasses most, if not all, of the Italian brand’s signatures, from its clean lines to its rarefied dignity, focussed only on its make, its finishing and its function. Sporting an additional shoulder sling, you’ll also find a patch pocket on its lush leather-lined interior.

Available now at Valextra Paragon for around SGD5000 (or was it 6?), you can follow this link for a close-up of the interior and see why I called it the ‘washing machine’.

Image: Valextra

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