Gucci Guccissima Leather Handcrafted Shoe Trunk

gucci_guccissima-leather-handcrafted-shoe-trunk What can USD49,300 (around SGD61,000 after conversion) get you these days? 6 large Classic Flap bags from Chanel (SGD9150 each), 11 Louis Cartier bags from Cartier (SGD5100 each) or 94 Bleecker Mini Brooklyn Messenger bags from Coach (SGD645 each).

It will also get you 1, yes, just 1, Guccissima Leather Handcrafted Shoe Trunk from Gucci that will be handcrafted for you in Italy as soon as you place an order. Crafted out of wood that’s then covered with Gucci’s signature Guccissima leather (not to be confused with Bright Diamante) in Dark Brown, all the trunk’s additional details from its locks to its studs come finished in gold for that extra luxurious look.

Made up of two distinct sides once the trunk is open, you’ll find 13 drawers on one side with another 3 ‘pull-down’ shelves on the other, which should be able to hold 24 pairs of shoes comfortably by my estimation. Which would also make this one of the most expensive shoe cupboards I’ve ever come across, plus a handsome piece of home furnishing as well.

I guess the bigger question should be, assuming you could, would you?

Image: Gucci

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