Dior F/W14 Lady Dior Collection

dior_fw14-lady-dior-collection2 You won’t be first to tell me that despite not having many  bags to begin with, it can get quite confusing as far as their names are concerned over at Dior. There is the Lady Dior, the Miss Dior, Diorific, Diorissimo, Dior Soft, Dior Addict, it just goes on and on.

As far as I’m concerned, however, 3 of my favourites are quite easy to remember. Miss Dior, Dior’s answer to the Classic Flap (well, sort of, anyway). Diorissimo, the slouchy, more relaxed variation of the Lady Dior, and of course, the Lady Dior, which will forever be remembered as the one that was named after the late Lady Diana who used it on quite a few occasions before her untimely passing.

Which brings us to the subjects of today’s post, or rather, the ladies given the Raf Simons makeover for F/W14. A seasonal offering based on the same themes of his RTW collection, these Lady Dior bags have had their quilting patterns done away with for a look that’s definitely more in line with the new Dior. Instead, you’ll now find a flap pocket on its exterior, finished with a polished hardware clasp and matching padlock. On the back you’ll find another pocket, a patch one to be exact, that well, balances the one in front visually.

dior_fw14-lady-dior-collection1 And depending on which variation you finally decide on, some of the smaller ones (like the one in Black shown above), come with a patchwork of colourful quilted leather tiles and a flap pocket, for a look that’s a tad more contrasting but without the busy or the fussy.

Priced from SGD6300 and up, you’ll find these F/W14 beauties now available at Dior boutiques across Singapore, but if the Lady Dior is much too proper for your tastes, the same solid hue/patched front pocket look can also be found on some Diorissimo bags, which I’ll upload to Facebook later.

dior_fw14-lady-dior-collection3 Quite literally, the Lady in Red (I’ve been waiting quite a while to say this), which is also from the F/W14 collection. Breathtaking, no?

Images: Dior

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