B3: Goyard Reclassifies Red (T2) As Special Colour, Prices To Go Up

Really hate to be the bearer of bad news in this instance, but you guys really need to know this before it happens, especially if you’re planning on a new Goyard purchase before the end of the month.

As you might know by now, Goyard prices their bags and SLGs according to colours. There is the basic group (Black, Black/Tan and Red), which all come under one price category, and everything else, from Orange (T4) to Yellow (T5)  and so on, are considered special hues.

Effective 1 September 2014, however, that’s set to change. Red (T2) will be reclassified as a special hue, and in doing this, the prices of everything in this colour will be revised upwards. The Belvedere GM, for example, will now be SGD4730 instead of SGD3640. The Senat Mini? Up SGD200, from SGD640 to SGD840. Everyone’s favourite entry-level Saint Louis totes? The PM will be adjusted to SGD2090, while the GM will come in at SGD2370.

In other words, if you always wanted to get something in red from Goyard, there is really no better time to do it than now. Before the month ends. Really.

Image: Goyard

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  • WK says:

    Hi, any recommended ladies buy from Goyard?

  • ML says:

    Hi BB, may I know how much is the price difference of Belvedere PM in Paris versus SG? Is grey an official Goyard colour? If yes, is it a special hue or basic colour? Thanks in advance!!!

  • Irene says:

    Hi BB, Saw this post way too late. I assume the prices in the Paris store has gone up as well? Will be heading there in December.

  • CK says:

    Hi, BB. A friend of mine said there is now a beige in the Goyard colour range. Would this be right? I have Googled, but have not seen anything like it. Could beige be fake? Thank you.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      There is no beige, you’re right. Goyard has hasn’t launched any new colours in a while, and the last one-off limited edition hue that they did do was Baby Pink. But that’s it. Unless of course your friend spotted a very old White, which could have turned ‘beige’ with it.

  • KC says:

    Hi. I want to ask if you have information on the price for PM sizes for the Saint Louis? Also, there’s no increase on GM size for those in special colours? Based on your previous post here, the price is still at SGD2370? Thanks in advance!


  • Will says:

    This is terrible news. I can’t choose between the Celine Phantom and Goyard Comores in Red. Please help me decide. Will it help your decision if I said I was a guy?

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Again, very different bags. The Phantom is soft and unstructured, the Comores is hard and structured. And might I add, will also have less space than the Phantom. As yourself, what do you need more? A tote that’s roomy or a tote that’s better for work given its angular lines?

  • sandra says:

    Thanks for your information. Ran to Goyard and got my first Goyard Saint Louis yesterday before they increased the price.

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