The Cambridge Satchel Company Twist Lock Satchel

the_cambridge_satchel_company_twist-lock-satchel I may get lynched for saying this, but there’s something very Mulberry about the new Twist Lock Satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company. Yes, they are the same folks who got everyone in a tizzy when their best-selling satchels were launched years ago, and because there are only so many satchels you can buy before your wardrobe looks like a mini TCSC pop-up store, they have wisely expanded their bag line-up.

Which leads us back to the star of today’s post, the Twist Lock Satchel. Gone are the front strap buckles, and instead you’ve got a V-shaped flap that ends in a twist lock, and what makes it even more interesting are the contrasting colours, Flame Orange for the flap, Hot Pink for the body.

Available in 2 sizes and 3 different colour combinations (there is Black and Biscuit and one in Oxblood as well), you can order it directly via TCSC’s online site where they now accept Paypal as well. Retailing between GBP190 and GBP200 for both sizes, which I guess you could say is the only thing that’s very un-Mulberry. But I jest.

Image: The Cambridge Satchel Company

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