Hermès Maxibox29

hermes_maxibox-29It’s big, and it’s boxy, which would perfectly explain its name, the Maxibox. Into its second or third season at Hermès, it’s one of those bags I’m on the fence on. Yes, the Kelly handle is a nice touch, along with the reinforced corners that hark back to travel trunks of yore. On the inside, it comes with gusseted sides that prevent your stuff from falling out when it’s open, along with a zipped patched pocket for more organisation.

Which are basically all the good points I can think of regarding this bag, which does come in a few sizes including the new Maxibag29 that’s shown above. There’s no shoulder sling, which means carrying it (especially when it’s filled) will become a chore after a while, and besides using it as a briefcase or a carry-on, it just isn’t as functional as it should be, especially with the type of prices Hermès charges for their bags.

In other words, like the Herbag, this is another one of those bags I’m totally on the fence on. It is lovely, but it should really do more than just look good. Right?

What do you think?

Image: Hermès

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