Dior Small Diorissimo

dior_small-diorissimo Twice as beautiful is what you could call this particular Diorissimo, since small is beautiful (and this is tiny), coupled with the fact that this style is already a beauty in her own right. Simply known as the Small Diorissimo, it measures a wee 22.5 cm across by 16.5 cm, the perfect size for carrying nothing on any given day. Which is exactly the type of bag you’ll need in your wardrobe that lets you be carefree and frivolous on weekends, away from your overloaded laptop bag or bulging tote, for some fun ‘me’ time.

Carry the smooth calfskin bag in your hand, or over the shoulder by way of its long shoulder sling, with the barest of essentials required for window shopping or cafe hopping the latest joints with your friends. Away from the grind of never-ending work. But you’ll have to wait till Saturday for that. And today’s Monday. My bad.

Image: Dior

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