Christian Louboutin Academicus Flat & Pik Boat Men’s Flat

christian_louboutin_academicus-flat-pik-boat-mens-flat I’ll admit it, my love affair with Christian Louboutin has been experiencing lots of ups and downs lately. And while this post is going to sound like one of those ‘have also complain, don’t have also complain’ rants, let me explain further.

Most of you would agree, back in the early days when I first started blogging about Christian Louboutin, it was a time when their shoes were so hard to come by in Singapore. The boutique then was much smaller, and the most covetable of Rollerboy Spikes and Roller-Boat styles were as rare as unicorns, which made the hunt even more interesting.

Nowadays, they’re everywhere in the store, and every time I walk by the relocated unit that’s much bigger, I’m reminded of how hard it was back then to get my first two spiked/studded pairs, one from Matches Fashion, the other from the old boutique. And I’ll curl my lip and tell myself never again since I’ve deemed them to be less special than they used to be.

With that said, however, I’m not denying how much I adore the more interesting ones I’ve come across from the F/W14 collection. The Academicus Flat (made of black Crepe de Chine which is basically silk) is bloody expensive at SGD2500 but I’ve got to admit the embroidery is to die for. And then there’s the Pik Boat Men’s Flat that comes in at a ‘more affordable’ price of SGD1400, in the Prince de Galle print that reminds me of my grandfather’s pyjamas. Sparingly sprinkled with studs, it’s another pair I wouldn’t mind getting.

In other words, no to more, and yes to more interesting. How about you? How’s your relationship with Christian Louboutin getting along?

Image: Christian Louboutin

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