Mulberry Bayswater Buckle

mulberry_bayswater-buckle With the recent departure of the CEO and word that prices have been revised downwards, it seems that Mulberry is set to make a comeback doing what it did best, selling fun and quirky bags at prices that are more palatable to the young and young at heart who were the ones that made the brand so successful in the first place. In other words, don’t fix something that isn’t broken to begin with.

The only time when you should ‘fix’ something, however, is when you can make it even better, and in the case of the iconic Bayswater, a new variant simply known as the Bayswater Buckle. Sporting a cleaner, more streamlined body with buckles that are now on the exterior (as opposed to the original where they were hidden inside), adjusting it as and when you need it to be roomier will now be a breeze. And with the hardware on the outside now, it definitely adds a tad more visual interest overall.

Available in 2 sizes (49 cm by 24 cm and 39 cm by 20 cm), you’ll find them in a variety of colours with gold or silver-tone hardware. In other words, something for everyone. Priced at GBP995 and GBP1200 respectively and available via Mulberry, you’ll also realise that most of Mulberry’s bags now are way below the SGD3000 mark online. Just like the good old days.

Image: Mulberry

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