Chanel: Euro Prices For Classic Flap, 2.55 & Boy (2014)

bbn265 With prices of Chanel’s iconic bags almost reaching the SGD10,000 mark in Singapore (and with more and more of you choosing to purchase your favourite designer bags overseas), it’s definitely time for an update on Chanel’s current prices in euros, especially with their latest price increment that kicked in last month.

For those of you who kept the last post as a reference guide, it’s time to change your bookmark. And without further ado, here are the prices for the Classic Flap, 2.55 and Boy Chanel bags.

First up, the Classic Flap and the 2.55. Available in 4 sizes (you could refer to them as Small, Medium, Jumbo and Maxi Jumbo, or Mini, Small, Medium and Large, it doesn’t really matter), they are now priced at EUR3400, EUR3550, EUR3950 and EUR4300 respectively. In USD they are as follows: USD4700, USD4900, USD5550 and USD6000.

Compare that to the prices in Singapore and you’ll see a marked difference (SGD7230, SGD7550, SGD8410 and SGD9150). Depending on the current exchange rates (because they tend to fluctuate) and whether you’re successful in obtaining the tax rebate, it could mean savings of at least SGD1000 a bag.

As for the Boy Chanel, they currently stand at EUR2850, EUR3100, EUR3450 and EUR3700 respectively for the 4 sizes it now comes in.

Lament all you want, but with price increments happening at every luxury brand becoming a perennial activity, you really should just bite the bullet and get the one you’ve been eyeing all along because when 2015 rolls by, prices will be increased again. And for those of you still unaware about Chanel’s existing ‘one-bag-per-passport’ rule, have a read here before you head to Europe.

Upate: 26 May 2014
As promised, here are more updates for Chanel classics. GST, EUR1950, PST, EUR1500. And it’s EUR1290 and EUR1450 for the Timeless WOC and the WOC respectively.

Image: Chanel

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