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nike_ricardo_tisci_air-force-one-collection3 In around another 3 days Mr Porter will be launching their small allotment of the much coveted, limited edition Nike + Riccardo Tisci Air Force One collection that no self-respecting Nike, or Tisci fan, for that matter, should be without. Giving us in the rest of the world a chance to get themselves a pair after its launch in Colette in Paris and DSM in London, Mr Porter will be releasing their lot online this Friday (11 April 2014).

Available in 4 different styles (we’re talking a low, a mid, a high and a really tall boot) in 2 different colours, an all-white (or an all-black) combination finished in flashes of bright orange, neon yellow and electric blue, only the ones in white will be available this time round with prices starting from GBP195 a pair. Pricey? Yes. Then again they just aren’t a regular pair of Nike shoes, they are also very collectible limited editions created by Givenchy’s Creative Director Riccardo Tisci.

nike_ricardo_tisci_air-force-one-collection4 Which pair (or pairs) do you absolutely have to get? And remember to bookmark this page (or the links contained within) and good luck on Friday. May the fastest fingers win. #happyshopping

Update: 11 April 2014
This just in, ladies can shop for their sizes via Net-A-Porter, which will also be launching the collection today. And just like the mens collection over on Mr Porter, they should both be released around 9 am London time. Or 4pm Singapore time.

Images: Nike

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  • Chloe says:

    Hi. Are you selling this pair of Nike Airforce 1 Riccardo Tisci Sneakers?


    An Air Force 1 with a collaboration with Riccardo Tisci. For him it’s not about the gender, it’s not about a particular city, nor it’s about a certain style. It’s LOVE.

    I believe this will only be released in France. How I wish it will also be available here in Singapore. I love Riccardo Tisci. I love his passion. And I love Nike too. I hope I can have 1. Keep up the greatness here.

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