Gucci Bamboo Fringe Shopper

gucci_bamboo-fringe-shopper I don’t know about you, but ever since I laid eyes on the new season bags from Gucci featuring long leather fringes, I’ve been resisting the urge to pick up a pair of scissors and snip them off. Because while some of you might find the long flowing leather fringe all playful and sassy, I do think it’s a tad too long for practicality.

Take the Gucci Bamboo Fringe Shopper, for instance, which measures 37 cm by 37 cm for the one in the smallest size. Which is all fine and dandy until you add in the length of the fringe, easily another 20 cm in length which would mean for most of you using it, it would be practically sweeping the floor. Which isn’t really practical, right?

But if you have to get one (because you think it’s playful and sassy, plus the fact that fringed bags are all the rage this season, from the likes of Céline to Valentino), might I suggest something from the Gucci Nouveau collection where you’ll find smaller sling bags that come with long, long fringes.

Just hit play above to have a look at them in action, available in 2 sizes (Small and Medium) in leather or exotics like python, with prices starting from SGD2390 apiece. Just make sure you don’t bump into me while sashaying down Orchard Road with your Nouveau in tow because I’ll be there with a pair of scissors. Snip. Snip. But I jest.

Image & Video: Gucci

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